"Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play" @ Stage 773

As of mid-Feburary, a brand new group of sketches and drinking games will premier at Stage 773 as part of Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play! BBL (for short) is currently in it’s 10th year since conception, and is now in city’s across America. Each city puts their own unique spin on based off of their city’s drinking culture. For example, here in Chicago we may or may not have one too many jokes about Malort.

I am now a writer and an understudy for BBL, and am so excited to say one of my sketches will premier with the show come February! Until then, the current show is still running every Saturday at Stage 773. Grab a bucket of beers at the bar, bring your pals, and prepare to cheers with the cast.

Allie Wessel