"Frances Makes History" with Avalanche Theatre Company

A couple weeks ago I got an email from Bec Wilett asking me to come in for a very casual audition for a new company’s first play reading. I don’t know Bec very well, but recognized the name as well as her tiny headshot that Gmail displayed to me. Bec remembered me from an audition she sat in on for Bower Theatre a couple months ago, and thought I’d be good for a project. This was the first time I had been remembered from a previous audition, and it felt as though every single audition I’ve been on in the past year was suddenly worth it. It’s easy for a young actor to get caught up in the rejections, but maybe not every rejection is such- maybe it’s just a future opportunity in disguise.

Avalanche Theatre Company plans to fully publish brand new plays and distribute paper back copies of them to all who attend the staged readings. The hope is that those who walk away with a tangible copy of this new play will give it to friends to read, or use as monologues, or whatever, and this way, new playwrights get their work to circulate throughout the Chicago-theatre scene.

These readings are PAY WHAT YOU CAN (!!) and will take place at City Lit Theatre on July 19th and 20th, 7:30pm.

Allie Wessel